Julia Cherednichenko
Illustrator & Brand Designer

Julia Cherednichenko is a freelance illustrator and brand designer based in Ukraine. She graduated from the University of Arts as a graphic designer.

Julia works both as a children's book illustrator and packaging illustrator-designer. She works with a lot of materials and in different techniques. Her main goal is to find the soul and the melody of the project, to find memorable ideas to represent books, stories, or packaging. She creates illustrations and covers for children's books publishers, magazines, and private projects. Her illustrations, patterns, and designs are on the labels, packages, and products of companies all over the world.

Her style is inspired by folk art, different cultures, nature motives, art and design movements of different ages, urban and contemporary arts. Her illustrations receive a high response from viewers of all ages, children, and adults.

Clients: Storytime Magazine, Oh Reader Magazine, Globalcp, and others.

2021 | Winner of 99awards in the category "Best New Designer"
2019 | Bronze Award of JIA Illustration Award